1. Use Vector Graphics

Style-based graphical images are used across a variety of mediums and on many different products. For instance, you can find the insignia of a well-known fashion brand on bags, perfume bottles, wallets, even the linings of bags, shoes, accessories, or even tags attached to products.

2.Adopt An Abstract And/Or Generic Symbol

A mundane design for a fashion name’s logo is just too ordinary. If you simply opt for animage without any unique element to it, it will get washed away in the sea of fashion logos.

3. Use On Multiple Products And Mediums

As already mentioned, chic brand monograms find their way across multiple products. Not only that, they are also used very discreetly on various products to differentiate them from other brands and companies.

4. Don’t Clutter-Keep It Clean

Less is more when it comes to designs in the high end style industry, and that’s why having a graphic that’s too cluttered is not the best approach for designing the emblem of your line of products.




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